Thomas Gerhards


Herausgeber : Stadtgalerie im Elbeforum Brunsbüttel / BBK Schleswig-Holstein. Ausstellungskonzeption, Kuratorin, Text : Silke Eikermann-Moseberg, Leiterin der Stadtgalerie im Elbeforum. Redaktion: Silke Eikermann-Moseberg, Alke Hauschmidt, Jochen Moseberg. Übersetzung : Denise F. Plüghan, VHS Brunsbüttel e.V.

ISBN 978 - 3 - 931279 - 35 - 9

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Memory 3, 2006Memory 3, 2006Memory 3, 2006Memory 3, 2006

Text from the art catalog: KUNSTLANDSCHAFT 06

Thomas Gerhards
"MEMORY III - Sun-bench with Iceberg"

Brunsbüttel, Kreystraße / Promenade

At first it seems to be nothing more than a bench, which belongs to the other benches on the Brunsbüttel promenade in front of the sailing harbour at the locks on the Kiel Canal, and which invite you to linger for a while. "Memory III" is a useful piece of furniture. You can sit on it, as is expected from a bench. However, this bench from Thomas Gerhards is much more than a normal, everyday seat. The work of art is an illuminated bench with a background photograph of an iceberg. The cool aesthetic of the subject of the photograph and the steel body of the bench appear to be in contrast to the inviting warmth which streams from the seven fluorescent tubes placed inside the bench and which light it. Despite the technical character of the piece it recalls for us the comprehensive relationships to be found in the cycles of nature.

After taking seat and therefore also taking possession of the piece, you are presented with a view of the Kiel Canal, on the right to the locks behind which we are aware of the river Elbe and the North Sea. You witness the passage of the ships through the locks. Enormous quantities of water are put under our control and serve our purposes, but how far can water be tamed? The piece of art uses the particular situation of the marshland, in which parts lie under sea level and are protected by the dykes. "Memory III" communicates with us about the changes in the earth's climate, about the rising temperature of the atmosphere. Changes which lead to the expansion of the world's oceans, to the melting of the glaciers together with the fringes of the polar ice. The danger originating from continually increasing level of storm tides is growing. Thomas Gerhards creates aesthetic space for us in which we are confronted with the presence of the climatic changes. He invites us and challenges us to take a seat where the water surrounds us as an element both serving us and providing us with pleasure.

Silke Eikermann-Moseberg (Director "Stadtgalerie im Elbeforum ", Curator)

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